Wednesday, August 14, 2013

18+Review- Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy

Authors: Sylvia Day, Sasha White, Vivi Anna, Delilah Devlin, Cathryn Fox, Myla
Jackson, and Lisa Renee Jones

Synopsis: What is your most wicked fantasy?

Pleasure beckons and satisfaction is guaranteed in seven titillating stories of love that know no boundaries. Surrender to the passion and follow your desires into unexplored realms of sensuous delights. Awaken the fantasy!

My Thoughts: I was in the mood to read some erotica and I've had this book on my shelf for a few years now. I figured it was time to "awaken" my fantasies and this book did a decent job in doing that.

~ Lover's Locket by Cathryn Fox ~
This first story, the main character Caira received a locket from a gypsy woman. She was told that if she were to recite the incantation on the locket, Caira's true love will appear but with consequences of course.

I found this story to be promising and wished that it were actually drawn out more into a book instead of a short story. I really liked the thought behind the plot and the action scene was promising. This story left me wanting more.

~ Kili's Ice Man by Delilah Devlin ~
Set in a futuristic world, Kili entered a virtual vacation where she was able to act upon her fantasies over a celebrity crush. What she doesn't know was that this celebrity was really with her in the virtual world.

This story was hot! I liked the chemistry between the two characters. What I did not like was the ending with the whole "instant love" thing happening. I enjoy reading stories that play with my fantasies but when it comes to true love, I like it to be as believable as possible.

~ The Hottest One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones ~
On a stormy night, Jessica was able to find her sexual side with the help of a sexy stranger.

Ooh yum! Lisa Renee Jones has become my new "go to" erotic author. I loved how she was able to portray the story and how sexy it all sounded. I also enjoyed how it ended for it did not have me rolling my eyes.

~ Out of the Shadows by Myla Jackson ~
The city was going to be hit by a case 5 hurricane and TJ must make sure all civilians were out of town to safety. Easy said than done, especially when there were vampires running about at night and the girl of his dreams became one of these creatures.

This would have to be my least favorite story. I was not expecting to read a vampire story in this anthology (I am very picky with vampires) so it took me by surprise. I think the story would have worked better if there weren't vampires in it. The whole thought of a hurricane coming would have been sufficient enough to create a plot.

~ A Familiar Kind of Magic by Sylvia Day ~

Familiars need to be tamed by Warlocks. Victoria was a familiar who refused to be dominated by any male until she met Max.

Sylvia Day is my favorite author for erotica so I was looking forward to reading this one...but it wasn't my favorite. The world she created had me confused at first. I felt like I needed to read a previous book to fully understand what was going on. The intimate scenes were done well and I quite enjoyed these though.

~ Tempting Grace by Sasha White ~

Ex-stripper Grace kept herself guarded not allowing people to get close, especially Lukas the minister's son. After finding out the death of a teen she was helping out, she sought Lukas for a one-night stand.

I think this was perhaps my favorite story. It wasn't the hottest but it was the most heart-felt. I really liked how it ended.

~ Quick Silver by Vivi Anna ~

Sangria was a transporter. She knew the rules: don't asks questions, deliver the packages in a timely manner, and never look inside the package. One night, she had to deliver a package to Las Vegas but ended up in a car accident. She discovered that the package carried a very sexy male.

I would not have expected to like this story as much because of the content it held, but I was immediately hooked. I found it a great way to end the anthology.

As a whole, I quite enjoyed reading this book. The stories were quick reads and helped me relax from my chaotic schedule. I found some new authors whom I hope to get the chance to read some more of. I rate this anthology:

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