Monday, December 22, 2014

Mini Reviews: Christmas Broken & Snowfall

It's the holiday season and it's time for some holiday short stories. Here are two more from Rusty Fischer:

Christmas Broken


All Rio wants to do over Christmas break is forget about the boy who got her sent to boarding school in the first place. So what's a girl to do when he winds up working at her favorite bookstore-slash-cafe on Christmas Eve?

My Thoughts: This short story would make an excellent novel. There was so much going on with the main character Rio that I felt that I had many unanswered questions. I wanted to know more in detail on exactly what she did that got her into trouble, why she drank and did drugs before boarding school, why her mother ignored her, and who Jory really was.

Rusty Fischer was able to capture the voice of a troubled teenager perfectly. I felt sorry for Rio yet at the same time I felt proud of the changes she did with her life. 

However, the story did feel a little short since it was a bit vague with the issues in the story. For a short story though, it was a good YA fiction.

I rate it: 3.5 stars.
In 'Snowfall,' what starts out as a routine catering job turns into a magical night as two lost souls try to keep warm during the year’s first big snowfall.

My Thoughts:  Oh man...this was my least favorite. I did not understand the characters nor did I find myself connecting with them. It seemed to have a lot of promise but it did not have the emotional factor that Rusty Fischer's other stories had.

The aspect that I liked least about this short story was the lack of romance when it advertised that it was a romantic story. It was just two people who were stuck in a snowstorm that end up having lustful feelings for one another.

It was not completely bad though. The problem of the story was interesting enough that it had me reading to figure out why it happened. It was also a very quick read.

I rate it: 2 stars.

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