Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bout of Books 26: Day 4

Bout of BooksChallenges

If This, Then That

Put your recommendations hat on, #boutofbooks-ers. For this challenge, pick a book, author, or trope (or whatever!) from your TBR and suggest similar books.

Example 1: If you like Sarah McLean, try Lenora Bell.

Example 2: If you like a modern day, romantic twist on Greek mythology, try Staci Hart's Hearts and Arrows series.

If you like to listen to audiobooks read by more than one reader, then you should try The Magnolia Story by Joanna and Chip Gaines. This production is read by both authors and they read their memoir as if they were telling you stories on a warm summer night while barbecuing. It was fun listening to this book!

Image result for the magnolia story audiobook

You can check out my review of this book here

Instagram Photo a Day

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Today's challenge: Genre


I don't really have a favorite genre. I am a very eclectic reader. I read ALL kinds of books. What I read depends on my mood and my tastes change as I get older. So if I have to pick one genre, then I say my favorite is FICTION. ;)

I read only 20 pages from the Kubrick's Game (my eyesight was terrible yesterday) so instead I listened to 4 hours of Ready Player One. I only have 2.5 hours left on the audiobook.

I also participated in Day 1's challenges, which you can see here, as well as the Twitter Chat.

I finished listening to Ready Player One (2.5 hours) and wrote a review with my husband. You can check it out here.

I read 20 pages from Kubrick's Game and started reading Sweets & a Stabbing by Harper Lin on my Nook. So far I've read 18 pages.

View Tuesday's challenges here.

Today was a super hot day here in Southern California and our a/c sucks. I hardly did any reading but instead hopped around people's homes, restaurants, and stores trying to smooch off free a/c.

However, I did read in between here and there. I read 40 pages from Kubrick's Game and I started listening to Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins. I listened to about 50 minutes of the audiobook.

View Wednesday's challenges here.

Today is supposed to be slightly cooler so I hope to get more reading accomplished.

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