Thursday, August 22, 2019

My Book Themed Wedding

I got married on June 14th to a wonderful man.

We wanted a simple wedding but our families insisted we put on something a little bigger. Danny and I discussed about this and agreed that it will be bigger but the wedding will depict what WE wanted.

So we decided to have a Literary Themed Wedding, simple but a beautiful one filled with people we loved and of course...books (oh...and belly dancing too. *not pictured in this post*).

Here are some of the book themed items in our wedding:

First off...
Our engagement photos were at a local regional park. We did some gorgeous shots, as well as some book themed ones. Our love for Phantom of the Opera is what brought Danny and I together. Thus, we thought it appropriate to have our engagement photos with Phantom books. 

Photo by Jaana Baker Photography
Next... My sister designed the cover of our wedding invitations and then I used a free program online (can't remember the name) to create the inside of the cards. I also bought library cards and pasted them inside the card to make it look like a library book. I borrowed a date stamp from our school's secretary, and Danny & I hand-stamped and wrote on all of the library cards to make them look authentic. The last thing I added to each invitation was a bookmark telling people that they were "booked." I used Walgreens to create the bookmarks with our engagement photos on the other side. We received many compliments on our invitations.

My maid of honor decided to create all of our bouquets instead of me buying them through Etsy. She found damaged books, took their pages, and created these beauties:

Before all of this was done, Danny and I already had an idea for our tables. We had them created and set before we put our down payment for the banquet hall. Our tables were called "Chapters" instead and each chapter was dedicated to an author and his/her books. So if you were sitting at Chapter 13, you were in the Jane Austen table. The Chapter card with the author's quote and books greeted each guest (and yes, all of the books used at the wedding were from my shelves. I had a special team ensuring that all of my books were returned to me safe and sound).

For our guest favors, I decided to use an old dictionary's pages to create little candy bags. One of my bridesmaids and I spent an afternoon cutting, gluing, putting Mexican candy, and tying the bags together. They came out pretty cute.

Oh, and we can't forget our Sweetheart table. I gathered all of the Phantom of the Opera books that I owned and bought "Mr & Mrs" blocks. I asked my good friend, who was doing my flowers, to arrange our table. She did a great job!

For our wedding cake, we asked for it to be simple with our specialized book topper. What do you think?

At the last minute I remembered about the card box. We needed a box to hold all of our card gifts. So Danny and I rushed to Michael's, bought some scrap booking paper and supplies, and quickly put this together. It was not perfect but it got the job done!

It was a great wedding! It was simple, stress free, and filled with things that portrayed us. Even the ceremony was literary themed. We asked a good friend of ours to marry us and asked him to fill the ceremony with book passages and poems instead of prayers. He did. Our guests adored how we made our wedding unique.

Though we had a beautiful wedding and a fun filled honeymoon, our marriage sure began with "sickness and in health" (you can read my survival post here). Despite the current turmoil we are going through, we are truly happy to be together and blessed that we have each other. I could not have asked for a better man in my life. I love him truly.

And reader...I married him. 

That concludes my book themed wedding! I hope you enjoyed the post! Happy reading!!


  1. Wow! This is such a great theme - I love that everything is bookish in some way. Glad your books were returned to you safe and sound after the wedding (:

    1. Me too! My books were the first thing I looked for the next day when my helpers returned all of our items.

  2. Wow, wow, wow!! What a fun wedding!! I love your literary theme. You did a great job with everything. Loved all of the ideas you came up with that made your wedding so special. Congrats to you and your hubby and wishing you both many years of happily ever after.

    1. Hello, I hope all is well. I went MIA for a while. I didn't realize how much life took over my passion in reading and blogging. Now with this quarantine, I am hoping to get back into it...however, I worry so much with our current situation and I'm trying how to support my students that receive RSP (special ed) services.

      Anyways, I hope all is well with you. I plan to visit your blog very soon!