Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bout of Books 26: Day 7

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Stretch Goal

It's the last day of the readathon, so today's challenge is to take a look at the goals you set for the week (if you have them) and decide a) how you can stretch yourself to complete them or b) how you can revise them so you can meet them. Because yes, you can revise your goals! If you didn't set goals for the week, set a small one for yourself today!

My goal for this week is to get back into reading, finish one book, and start writing more blog posts. Guess what? I think I accomplished these goals already. :D In fact, I am reading more now, I finished two books so far, and I've posted a few blog posts. So for my last day of the readathon I'm going to see if I can finish one more book, either audio or physical.

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Today: Shelfie


Here I am in front of one of my bookshelves. Please ignore my dark circles (it's too early). lol


I read only 20 pages from the Kubrick's Game (my eyesight was terrible yesterday) so instead I listened to 4 hours of Ready Player One. I only have 2.5 hours left on the audiobook.

I also participated in Day 1's challenges, which you can see here, as well as the Twitter Chat.

I finished listening to Ready Player One (2.5 hours) and wrote a review with my husband. You can check it out here.

I read 20 pages from Kubrick's Game and started reading Sweets & a Stabbing by Harper Lin on my Nook. So far I've read 18 pages.

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Today was a super hot day here in Southern California and our a/c sucks. I hardly did any reading but instead hopped around people's homes, restaurants, and stores trying to smooch off free a/c.

However, I did read in between here and there. I read 40 pages from Kubrick's Game and I started listening to Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins. I listened to about 50 minutes of the audiobook.

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Today was a better day for reading. I read 117 pages from Kubrick's Game (it's getting so good!) and listened to an hour of Forbidden.

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It was one hectic day and I was afraid I would not be able to get any reading done, but I did! I finished Kubrick's Game!!! (Read the rest of 156 pages....Review will come soon) I also was able to listen to 1 hour and 36 minutes of Forbidden. I am so proud of myself!

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I didn't get as much reading in today as I hoped. The day turned out hotter than I expected. The heat affected my health, which made reading a little difficult. However, I was able to read 20 pages from Sweets & a Stabbing and listen to 2 hours of Forbidden. I also started reading Kisses on a Paper Airplane by Sarah Vance-Tompkins, but only got 24 pages into it.

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My goal for the last day of the readathon is to finish at least one more book and write my review for Kubrick's Game.

How are you doing with the readathon? 

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