Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ebook Review: Sweets and a Stabbing

Image result for sweets and a stabbingAfter a messy divorce, forty-four-year-old Amelia Harley has taken back her maiden name and decided to sell homemade cupcakes out of a food truck. With the help of her two teenage kids in picking out the name and color of her truck (pink, of course) and using social media to help spread the word, Amelia is ready to roll in Food Truck Alley.

However, a man is found stabbed to death in the dining area, and the young man from the burrito food truck next to Amelia’s is arrested. Matthew is a big, tattooed former gang member, an obvious suspect, but Amelia believes he is innocent.

Can Amelia save an innocent man? Can she make her food truck a success and make her children proud?

My Thoughts:  I enjoy reading cozy mysteries that have a food theme tied into it, especially desserts. The vibrant cupcake on the cover drew me to this book, and the title made me chuckle. I have never read any of Harper Lin's books, but after reading this one, I have a feeling that I'll be picking up another one. Sweets and a Stabbing was a fun, quick read.

The story and characters were simple but engaging. We had a recently divorced mother, Amelia, who was trying to get back on her feet and be more independent. I liked how the author developed her from beginning to end. She was very timid at first with extremely low self-esteem but became a little tougher at the end. I enjoyed reading how the pink truck was developed, how Amelia had to figure her stove situation for baking different batches, how she did not let stereotypes affect her relationship with her neighbor, how her business became successful, and how she got involved in a murder mystery. Though everything happened quickly, it felt like a smooth flow. 

Overall, I found myself highly entertained by this book. I needed a quick and relaxing read; this was a perfect choice. I rate it: 

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