Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review on The Prophet by Amanda Stevens

This is the third book in the Graveyard Queen Series. Amelia Gray has returned to Charleston after the terrifying events in Asher Falls. Back at home, Amelia hopes to get back to her normal routine and to get back into Devlin’s life. Unfortunately, Devlin’s ghosts do not leave Amelia alone and the ghost of Robert Fremont has told Amelia that she must help him solve his murder. Amelia has no choice but to help these ghosts move on so she and Devlin could lead a normal life.

I loved the first two books. The Restorer got me enthralled with Amelia’s world and The Kingdom spooked me tremendously. I was hoping that this third book will continue the thrill ride but instead I found myself a little disappointed.

There are so many things being introduced into this book and were slowly being built up to the climax. Though there were many new issues, it did make the book interesting and made me wonder how Stevens was going to end the trilogy. The bad thing though is that everything ended abruptly. It made me yell out in frustration because I wanted more explanations on these problems.  It seemed kind of unfair how Stevens spent so much time creating suspense with the old characters and new characters to only give you a quick ending.

Another thing that I was not too keen on with this book was Amelia’s character. This book concentrated more on her inner turmoil than on the creepy factor from the previous books. It also showed how vulnerable and weak Amelia was when it came to Devlin. Her strong character from the previous books vanished in this one.

Now, it does seem that I am against this book but in reality I’m not. I was just hoping for more.

I did find myself being stuck to the book. I couldn’t stop reading it and justkept wondering how all the puzzle pieces were going to come together at the end. Also, I did like Devlin’s character more in this book compared to the first book and I actually found myself rooting for him and Amelia to get together (I was not too eager to see this when reading the first book).

Though The Prophet is the last book of the trilogy, Amanda Stevens has mentioned in her blog that she is continuing with the series. I do believe that I’m going to continue reading it because I am hoping that the issues from this book will be better resolved in the following books. Until then, I’ll be waiting for the next book on Amelia’s adventures.

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