Sunday, August 19, 2012

Audiobook Review on Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

Read by Emily Durante

Billionaire playboy, and all-around ladies’ man, Jake Travis has a reputation as big as the state of Texas. He drives too fast, lives too hard, and loves too many women to count.
In her advice column, and her love life, Ella Varner is always practical. So when she’s left holding her reckless sister’s baby, she decides to ask Jake Travis to take a paternity test.
Ella is instantly struck by Jake’s bold good looks and easy charm—but she’s not falling for his sweet talk. This big sexy tomcat needs to take responsibility for his actions, and Ella’s making him stick to his word. Now if she can only ignore the unspoken attraction that smolders between them…

My Thoughts: This is the the third and last book in the Travis series and it was cute. I enjoyed the fact that Ella did right by her sister's baby and I liked how Travis quickly showed what a man is suppose to act like during these situations. Though some of the events sounded too good to be true, I was entertained with the fact that true love takes all situations.

I will admit though that I did get annoyed how Ella was treated by her mother and sister. Her mother is a selfish, self-centered, manipulative woman and her sister turns out to be just like the mother. I was angry at the fact that this baby was dropped onto Ella's hands and her mother and sister kept telling Ella that it was Ella's responsibility to take care of this baby. It was very unfair.

Other than that, I liked how Emily Durante presented the material. She played Ella's part beautifully and I was not bored at all.

I give this audiobook:

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