Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Hops, August 17th

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Q: What blogger inspires you? It can be any kind, it doesn’t have to be a book blog.

 A: I will have to say Wendy from Wall-to-Wall Books. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would have started blogging. I became interested in blogging back in May but I had no clue had to go about creating a blog and I also thought people wouldn't want to visit my blog. Wendy gave me lots of tips that have helped me and inspired me, and she continues to check up on me and encourage during my posts.

Wendy, thank you so much!!!

Crazy-for-Books is running this Book Blogger Hop to help connect book bloggers with other fellow book bloggers. Here's this week's question:

 Q: What is the one genre you will NEVER read?
A: Hmmm...I think that I've tried all kinds of genre. Maybe it would be those old westerns with the funny covers. But I don't think I will NEVER try a genre. That's being too selective and it doesn't give that genre a chance. By expanding your reading choices, you come to learn what you really love. And if you're like me, your interests change as the years go by.


  1. I definitely agree that shutting out an entire genre is so selective there will always be exceptions. Thanks for the blog visit. Following back ;)


  2. When you're a reader, you are a reader, right? They should have a name for selective readers-science fiction nerds? Sci-fi-tarians??? Ha ha, just musing.

    Great post! Following back. :D

  3. It's nice to see a lot of open minded answers this week ;) I'll give almost anything a try. ALMOST ;)

  4. Great choice. Wall-to-Wall Books is a fun blog :)

  5. I almost said westerns, too, but then I thought of several that I did like. So, the only genre I can say—without hesitation—that I will never, ever read is erotica. No interest in that genre AT ALL.

    Happy Hopping!

  6. I had soo many I wanted to pick, but I actually chose one over at my blog.

    New Follower!

    Andrea @ Literary Getaway

  7. I hadn't heard of Wall to Wall books but will have to check it out.

    Happy Friday!

    My FF

  8. I've been inspired by too many bloggers to count!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  9. Great answer. I started out reading mainly romance about 15 or so years ago and have been reading different things on and off since then.

  10. I've never been to the blog of wall-to-wall books. I think I'll go visit. :) And awesome answer about the genres - I, unfortunately, am quite selective, but I'm trying hard not to be.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back! :)

  11. I've never visited Wendy's site but will definitely do so now. I LOVE discovering new-to-me blogs. I'm your newest follower via GFC and would love for you to visit me when you get a chance.

    The Scarf Princess

  12. New follower - hope you're having a great Friday!

  13. I'm an old follower hopping through. I haven't heard of that blog.. yet another one to check out :)

    You can find my answer to this week's Friday Hop on my blog

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hi!
    I just came across your site and it is really lovely! I happily followed you and will enjoy reading your updates. You can find me over at Rainy Day Reads, It would be great if you could stop by and I would love to have a fellow book lover as a new follower.
    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads

  15. Great answers! I agree - I couldn't say I'd never read a certain genre. I have my favorites, but I just enjoy a good story no matter what it is. Love your layout.

    Thanks for the visit and follow - followed you back. ;)

    Happy Reading!
    ~Gin @ Addicted to Words