Friday, August 17, 2012

Audiobook Review on Something Wicked This Way Comes & A Sound of Thunder

By Ray Bradbury
Read by Stefan Rudnicki

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Halloween comes earlier this year as a freak carnival arrives in the town of Green Town, Illinois. Thirteen-year-old boys James and William are excited for the carnival. Unfortunately, the carnival is more evil than what it appears and the boys come to learn that they along with the town are in danger.

My thoughts: This was a very interesting story. I liked the vividness of it and I liked how dark and gloomy everything was described to let us know that something evil has home. I especially loved how Bradbury portrays the boys. Their emotions and actions are executed well, and I could easily imagine real boys feeling and acting the way Jim and Will did. This was a great story.

A Sound of Thunder

A short story set in the future of 2055. Time travel has been achieved but it's a very tricky business. A hunter named Eckles joins a group of scientist to go back in time to hunt a T-Rex. Eckles soon learns that going to the past can really change things in the future.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. I even liked it a lot more than Something Wicked This Way Comes. This story was the inspiration of the term, the Butterfly Effect, and I was excited to listen to how a single butterfly's death can cause many changes to our future.

My thoughts on the audio presentation:

I was not to pleased with the audio. Stefan Rudnicki has a very sexy deep voice but he did not present the material well. He was very monotone and would only slightly raise his voice in the exciting parts. After a few minutes, Stefan's reading just sounded like rambling. If I wasn't interested in the story, I think I would have dropped this audio as soon as possible.

I give the stories 4 stars, but the presentation 2. This averages my score to:


  1. I was waiting for this copy, because I got a dramatized version first, and didn't care much for it (one kid reminded me of the boy who narrated in Room, and I have issues with that boy). Maybe I'll skip and check out a print copy when I feel like it.