Monday, February 11, 2013

Bookmark Swap Sign-ups!

Bookmarks...we love them and we hate them (well, not really, lol).  There are thousands of different kinds out there and we probably own a good chunk of these. What do we do with all of these bookmarks? Well, we can swap them for others!

Over @ At Random, they are having a bookmark swap! So, please join in the fun!

Here are the details -

Swap Timeline

· Sign-ups will be open until February 25th (Fill out form on their blog to sign up)
· February 25th – 28th They will contact you with the person you will be sending bookmarks to
· Mail your bookmarks out no later than March 15th
· Please let them know (via email, Twitter, Facebook, or on their blog) when you have received bookmarks

Bookmark Guidelines
· To ensure that everyone gets about the same number of bookmarks they are setting a limit. You can send anywhere from 3-5 bookmarks. This will also save on postage.
· Bookmarks can be homemade, magnetic, decorative, advertising a book or author, or even signed by an author.
· They are requesting blog links, etc. on the form so you will have that available to research your swapee. If you want you can base your bookmark choices on what you find.

To sign up for this cool swap. go - HERE

Come on and join us!

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