Sunday, February 3, 2013

H.P. Lovecraft #18

Sunday is here again and I'm reviewing another short story from H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction.


3 stars
Nyarlathotep by Tekelili

"Nyarlathotep... the crawling chaos... I am the last... I will tell the audient void..." The nameless narrator tells about an evil so great that it brought doom upon humans. 

Nyarlathotep is described as a man of the race of Pharoahs who is now awake after being dormant for twenty-seven centuries. He travels around different cities demonstrating his supernatural powers. Wherever he visits, the people are plagued with horrific nightmares.

He soon arrives at the narrator's city to perform his powers. The people there dismiss his powers as only parlor tricks. Nyarlathotep becomes angry and decides to seek revenge. The narrator then describes that great terror arrives in his city.

This was an interesting story that did not involve the alien world. I enjoyed the idea of an Egyptian pharoah bringing doom wherever he traveled. The downside of this story was that it was too short. I wanted to know more. I wanted more story than just introduction paragraphs. I do wonder if this character shows up in any of Lovecraft's other works.

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