Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

Synopsis: Mr. Darcy, Vampyre starts where Pride and Prejudice ends and introduces a dark family curse so perfectly that the result is a delightfully thrilling, spine-chilling, breathtaking read. A dark, poignant and visionary continuation of Austen's beloved story, this tale is full of danger, darkness and immortal love.

My Thoughts: Oh my goodness! This was absolutely dreadful! I saw this book at a local used bookstore and I was quite intrigued with the title. I love reading parodies and I loved Pride and Prejudice. I thought that having a title like this, this book would be absolutely fun. Boy, was I wrong!

The plot, if it had any, was boring. The book was comprised of a little bit over 300 pages and nothing happened until page 235; even then, the "climax" was only two pages long. Pretty much the whole book was about Lizzie being paranoid of whether or not she and Mr. Darcy were compatible and whether or not he still loved her. There was no mention of vampires until towards the end. I do have to give it props though that Amanda Grange tried to fill the plot with some mysterious details, but it was not enough to keep me entertained. I kept trying to read the book in hopes that it would get better but I found myself not picking it up for a bit and skipping many pages. I was not hooked with the story.

The thing that disappointed me the most about this book was the characters. I fell in love with Lizzie and Darcy when I watched the movie and read the book. Here, these characters were different. Lizzie was no longer her brave self but a very passive character who agreed with whatever Darcy said. Mr. Darcy was no longer the charming jerk, but a cold-hearted one with mood swings. And why, oh why, did Lizzie still call him Darcy even after they were married? She didn't call him by his first name nor by a pet name. Their characters did not show the love that was portrayed for one another in the original classic *sigh*. There was no connection between these two.

I can't believe that I didn't stop reading this book sooner. I kept pressing on hoping that things will turn up but in the end I found myself frustrated and disappointed. It had an awesome title, but that was it for me. I rate this:

1 sad star


  1. Oh, gosh, this sure sounds like every reader's nightmare! Yes, you really should have stopped reading and not finished it, but I can relate to your decision to continue. I've done that many a time before, hoping against hope that the plot would improve, that it would turn out to be worth reading in the end.... Such books rarely, if ever, turn themselves around and engage a reader's interest before the very last page. So I admire and totally understand your persistence!

    Had I not read your very informative review, I would probably have picked this one up myself! After all, I'm a HUGE fan of the romantic vampire!! (NOT the "Dracula-type" vamp!!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and saving me from buying and reading this!! : )

    1. Yes, it was absolutely dreadful. Maybe this was the reason why I was in a reading slump this month :/

  2. Awe I am so sorry this book was disappointing. The best remedy is to move on to a really great 5 star book!