Monday, July 20, 2020

#FitReaders: July 13th-19th

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#FitReaders2020 is hosted by Felicia the Geeky Blogger and Jen from That's What I'm Talking About

Last week I didn't do so well so I set the goal to be active 3-4 days this week. I'm happy to report that I met that mini goal!

Here's how my second week of the challenge went:

Monday 7/13:  Did 15 minutes of dumbbells with "15 minute NO JUMPING Full Body Strength" by MadFit; walked 1.12 miles at a nearby park; 15 minutes of salsa dancing with the hubby using video tips from Dance Papi. 

Tuesday 7/14: Did 1 hour of online belly dance class with Fahtiem. According to my app, I burned 842 calories. Yay!
Wednesday 7/15: Took my dog to a local park and walked 0.59 miles.

Thursday 7/16: Morning neighborhood walk- 0.95 miles; 15 minutes dumbbell workout with "Full Upper Body Workout "Tone & Sculpt" by MadFit; 18 minutes of salsa practice; afternoon walk in the park for 0.78 miles; and lastly, 1 hour of belly dance online class with Nasila. 

Friday 7/17: Morning neighborhood walk-0.98 miles; evening neighborhood walk-0.64 miles; dumbbell workout (did my own routine)-15 minutes. 

Saturday 7/18: Hiked most of San Ysidro Trail. The last portion of the trail was overgrown and washed-out. It was hard to locate a safe way to get to the falls. However, we still enjoyed it. 3.05 miles. 

Sunday 7/19: Went to the San Bernardino National Forest and did two trails to celebrate the last day of National Forest Week. 5.37 miles. 

Weekly Goal Progress:
  • Lose the Quarantine weight: 1/10 lbs total
  • Belly dance: 2/2 hrs per week (MET)
  • Hiking (at least 2+ miles per hike): 2/2 times per week--8.42 total miles (MET)
  • Neighborhood/Park walk: 5.06/5 miles per week (MET)
  • Weights (dumbbells): 45/60 min per week  X
  • Latin dance with hubby: 33/60 min per week  X

How are you doing with the challenge? 


  1. You did wonderful getting in your exercise! I love to hike trails and can't wait until this weekend when we go camping :) Keep up the good work! My post goes up tonight at 12am :)