Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesday Release #1

I love watching Book Riot's "New Release Tuesdays" on YouTube. While watching, I wondered how I was able to look into other book releases and luckily, Goodreads has a page for that. Here's what I found

Books released August 25, 2020:


The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline

The Exiles tells the story of a young governess, Evangeline, who discharged and sent to prison once her pregnancy was discovered. She is then sentenced to be exiled in the colony of Australia. On this voyage, Evangeline meets Hazel, a young girl who was sentenced seven years of transport for stealing a silver spoon. Then she also meets Mathinna, an aboriginal who was forcibly relocated by white colonists. Though Australia is supposed to be a land of punishment, the three women find it as a place for a new beginning. 

Why do I want to read this? 

I haven't read much about the history of Australia so it will be neat to learn about it. 


The Mother Code by Carole Stivers

This is a debut novel that takes place in 2049. The synopsis says: "When a deadly non-viral agent intended for biowarfare spreads out of control, scientists must scramble to ensure the survival of the human race. They turn to their last resort, a plan to place genetically engineered children inside the cocoons of large-scale robots--to be incubated, birthed, and raised by machines. But there is yet one hope of preserving the human order--an intelligence programmed into these machines that renders each unique in its own right--the Mother Code."

Why do I want to read this? 

It because it sounds freaking awesome! The book follows a young man named Kai who's companion is a robot. The robot is programmed to be a mother-type figure and is raising Kai. It has been a while since I've read a post-apocalyptic book, and I figured that this might be the book to take me back to this genre. 

What about you? Are there any books that you are looking forward to?  

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