Sunday, August 29, 2021

Mini Reviews: Bromance #1 and #2


After listening to two heavy books, I needed a lighter read. I found the the Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams and I'm enjoying it so far. I think I'll listen to the whole series. Here are the first two books:

Book #1: The Bromance Book Club

I needed to read something light and this book was perfect! The Bromance Book Club had a very cute concept: a group of men get together to read romance books in order to understand the women in their lives. In this first book of the series, Gavin is having marital problems. After an argument, his wife, Thea, kicked him out of the house and asked him for a divorce. Gavin was devastated and turned to alcohol. Gavin had a lot of self esteem issues and so did his wife, which made winning her back difficult for Gavin. Fortunately, Gavin had his Bromance Book Club guys. It was very cute to listen to how the men in the book club tried to give Gavin tips by analyzing romance books. I really enjoyed listening to their bromance; their relationship with each other was cute. It's great to see strong men being vulnerable and being supportive of one another. It was also fun to listen how the story jumped between Gavin's and the Count's, the character from the book Gavin was reading. This was a highly enjoyable read! I rate it: 4 stars. 

Book #2: Undercover Bromance

The second book in the series was good but not as great as the first one. This book focused on Thea's sister, Liv, and the single man from the book club, Braden Mack.   Liv had many more self-esteem issues than her sister, Thea, had. Her daddy issues really made it difficult for her to trust any man in her life. In order to avoid her loneliness and her pain, Liv tried to focus her attention by speaking up for other women. After witnessing one of her coworkers being sexually harassed by her boss, Thea did everything in her power to try to bring down her boss (who became her ex boss). When Mack found out about what happened to Liv, Mack joined Liv on her mission. Their journey in trying to bring down Liv's perverted ex-boss made them realize that they were into each other. Though Liv was a difficult person to be around, Mack did not give up in trying to win her.  Liv and Mack's story was cute, but Liv's insecurities really annoyed me. I was a little bummed that there wasn't a romance book that was used for "guidance" like in the first book. So I only rated this 3 stars.

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