Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Anne Rice has opened up a new world of werewolves.
 Reuben is a young reporter who is covering a story of the Nideck mansion in hopes of helping it get sold. He visits the mansion with the previous owner's niece, Marchent. Marchent is a very eloquent older woman who wants to make sure that the Nideck mansion is in good hands.  There are many priceless artifacts in the home since her uncle was an archeologist.

Reuben becomes enamored with the mansion and decides to buy it off from Marchent. Marchent instead decides to leave the house to Reuben knowing that he will be the perfect owner.

Unfortunately, Reuben and Marchent get attacked at night by two thieves in the mansion. During the attack, a wolf appears and kills the thieves. Reuben gets bitten by the wolf and is the only survivor.

Reuben soon learns that he is no longer the same. He has a huge growth spurt, he is becoming hairier, getting more muscular, and his hearing and seeing are becoming sharper. Reuben becomes amazed by the wolf's gift.
* * *
This was a very interesting interpretation of werewolves. Anne Rice's wolves are powerful but not evil.  They do not change due to full moons but change at random. They hear voices of innocent people that need help and these werewolves are driven to exterminate anything that is "evil."

I really enjoyed reading Anne Rice's werewolves. I liked Reuben and I was quite jealous on how easy he got the mansion and its priceless artifacts. It made me wish that I will meet a millionaire and hope that I'll be put in his/her will.

Though it was fascinating to read Reuben's journey in understanding his new gift, I did feel that the story was dragged out a little too long. The events were too short but the descriptions of the scenery along with conversations were longer than they should have. I felt the climax was too brief and the ending was pretty dull.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. It had me wanting to know more of Reuben's situation and I wanted to know how these werewolves became into existence.

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