Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: The Mother Road by Jennifer Allee

Natalie is a marriage expert and author of many popular books, including Christian romance books, but her world soon changes: her husband wants a divorce because he wants to be with his pregnant mistress. Learning this awful news, Natalie's life is shattered. Not only is her marriage life over, so is her career. How can a marriage expert get a divorce?

 Then one day, Natalie receives an urgent call from her father asking her to come home because her mother's disease is getting worse. He also asks Natalie to bring along her sister Lindsay, whom she hasn't seen in five years and soon finds out that Lindsay is pregnant.
So, Natalie and Lindsay head to Illinois from California by taking a road trip across Route 66. Little bit does she know, Natalie soon discovers that this trip is the beginning of her new life.

* * *

I really enjoyed reading this! The book makes me want to go on a road trip myself and visit the places that Natalie and Lindsay have visited.

The book is filled with emotional pain and family drama, but it was also filled with humor. I really liked reading the different sides of the characters and couldn’t help but giggle at the funny parts. The book also brought a few tears to my eyes because the pain of reading about a loved one with Alzheimer’s was just heart breaking. This book really brought up actual situations that many families have gone through.

I almost gave this book a five star and the only reason why I didn’t give it one was because of Natalie’s stubbornness. In the book, Lindsay’s boyfriend stalks them across the country in order to be with Lindsay. Throughout this time, Natalie kept creating prejudices against the guy, which sound reasonable to a point. Natalie would not listen to anybody when they kept telling her she was wrong. Natalie’s ideology was that “I’m right because I’m always right,” and that really bugged me. Other than that, the book was a great read.  

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  1. Hmmm I seem to remember seeing this book.
    Sounds good, my kind of book.
    Great review.