Sunday, December 30, 2012

H.P. Lovecraft Sundays #14

Sunday is here and it's time for another short story review from H.P. Lovecraft!

"The Temple"
4 stars

Image by David Saavedra
This story is told by a parchment paper that was found in a bottle. It tells the account of a German soldier who was stuck in a U-29 submarine after it sunk in the deepest parts of the ocean.

The German tells us that he and his crew were in the middle of a battle with another submarine. When the enemy's submarine was shot down, the German and his crew went up deck and found a young enemy soldier dead upon their submarine. This youth had on a unique ivory face necklace. One of the soldiers takes the necklace for himself and then tosses the body into the ocean.

Image by David Saavedra
A few hours later, the crew slowly turn into madness. The German has no choice but to kill them to keep peace within his crew. The German is soon left alone in the submarine, which has been sunk in the middle of the ocean.

When the submarine finally lands at the bottom of the sea floor, the German makes the discovery of an underground city. He believes he has found Atlantis.

I found this tell very interesting and exciting. It is not weird like his other tales but it still has its creepy factor because the German is all alone under hundreds of feet in the ocean. This was one of Lovecraft's longer stories and I liked how it was developed. I could easily see the characters turn into madness and I could imagine this underwater city. This was a great read.

You can read this short story here.

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