Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Minute Reading Update: Day 4

Day 4

It was a rainy day here in Southern California. It put me in the mood to be lazy. I stayed in my pjs all day, was wrapped in a blanket, drank some hot tea, saw Practical Magic and Pride & Prejudice on tv, and I got some reading done!

I read 196 pages in I Capture the Castle. I just need about 120 left, so I'm happy to know that I'll finish the book tomorrow.

There's one day left!

I wish you all lots of luck with your reads. I will be posting a wrap-up post on the 31st and I will also announce the winner of the giveaway (so don't forget to enter any updated links by the end of Sunday).

Have a happy reading!

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  1. Oh I LOVE Practical Magic!!!!!!! One of my very favorite movies! That one always puts me in a good mood!
    And you're talkin about the newer P&P right? Thats a good one too.
    Just be thankful you only got rain and not a foot of snow!

    1. Yes, the one with Keira Knightley. This one is my favorite version and sorry to say, but I like it so much more than the book.

      And yes, I am so glad that we don't get snow down here. Snow is beautiful but I could not live with the hassle of it. I love my California weather. It's so unpredictable sometimes.

  2. Hey, Vonnie!

    Oh, it sounds like you had a VERY cozy day!! We've had neither rain nor snow these past few days. Well, we don't get snow here in Miami, Florida! Lol.

    Congratulations on making some great progress!! I envy you the ability to read fast. I can't do it...I have this habit of pronouncing words in my head as I read, and can't get rid of that. On the other hand, maybe it's better that way. I don't want to read so fast tht I won't be able to really savor the story.

    I'm getting there, though! I'll be updating later on today! I'm now on page 300 of "The Christmas Brides", so I know I'll be able to finish it today!! YAY!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Maria!

      You are doing a great job as well. Don't feel pressured or feel bad for not reading "fast". We all read at our own pace and we take in the books our ways.

      I used to read slow too at first because English was my second language. With constant practice and my desire to read all the books I could get my hands on has helped me speed up my reading. Plus, I lock myself in my room instead of partying out like my friends do, which helps me get lots of reading done as well.

      I'm just happy that you are enjoying yourself with this read-a-thon and that it has helped you knock down a few books :)

    2. Hey, Vonnie!!

      Well, I want you to know that I did it!!! At 11:48 PM on the dot, I finished page 377 of "The Christmas Brides" -- the second novella, titled "A Creed Country Christmas"!!! I'm SO happy!! And mind, you, I didn't read the book straight through all day, but in bits and pieces, because my husband and I went out and did some things, and then also ate out. But I did it!!

      By the way, how interesting that English is your second language. That's the case with me, too. I was born in Cuba, but came to the States at the age of 9. I did learn a bit of English while still in Cuba, but then, of course, living and studying in the U.S. really polished my English language skills. And I still speak Spanish, as well, because Mom made us speak the language at home, so we wouldn't lose it. Besides, I read a lot in Spanish before we left Cuba. Although most of the books I read now are in English, I can still read Spanish. I must admit, though, that my vocabulary is much more extensive in English. Of course, from your last name, I figured you were Hispanic yourself. (Hmmm...but it could also be your married name.) Anyway, the last name "Behar" is my married name. I used to be named "Perez".

    3. Congrats on finishing on the dot! It's a great feeling!

      No, I'm not married so Rivera is my maiden name. I was born in Mexico and brought to California when I was 3. Though I did get here at a young age, I did not become fluent in English until I was 7. At home, I was forced to speak Spanish and no one read at home. Growing up was confusing for me because I kept thinking in Spanglish and speaking it too. But with determination, I got through it. I still speak Spanish and read and write it too but English is more dominant.

      It's great to learn that you're from Cuba. I don't know many Cubanos but there are a few bakeries over here that are Cuban and the food is fabulous. I do want to try a media noche one of these days because I've been too busy eating the pastries and the potato balls.

    4. Oye, chica, que bueno que todavía hablas, lees, y escribes en español!!

      I speak Spanglish with my two sisters, but Spanish only with my parents, although they're both fluent in English, as well. My mom does speak it better than my dad, though. He has an accent, and she doesn't. But she always made us speak Spanish at home.

      You know what my favorite Cuban food is? Croquetas de jamón!! There's a restaurant not far from my house, "Sergio's", that makes the very best croquetas I've ever eaten!! I also love moros (black beans all mixed up with white rice), and tostones (fried plantains that are also flattened during the frying; they're eaten with salt)!!

      I have a co-worker who was born in California, from Mexican parents. She's a great cook, and will sometimes bring Mexican dishes to the office, that she's made herself. Ay, qué rico!!!!!!

      Hope you and your family have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :)

    5. Chica, me das hambre!!!

      Los tostones son mi favoritos cuando voy al restaurante. A mi me encanta los platano machos. Yum!!!

      Let's see if un dia puedo ir a Miami para tratar Sergio's. Over here we have Porto's and Rumba.

  3. Sounds like a great day, hope day 5 went well too. As the 30th is closing in on me I made my round up post and am glad to announce I made all my goals YAY. Thanks for organizing this Vonnie and I wish you all the best for 2013

  4. Oh, and it's GREAT that you locked yourself up in your room to read while your friends went out and partied!! You're definitely a TRUE bookworm!! Same here! My sister Carmen used to complain that I didn't want to go to parties with her, because of my reading. You see, Mom wouldn't let her go (she's younger than me) unless I went, too. Lol.

    Oh, and before I forget...THANKS FOR THIS READ-A-THON, AND THE GIVEAWAY!!! I have indeed enjoyed this immensely!! :)

    1. Yeah, sometimes I have no life, lol. I do go out once in a while but not as much as many 26 year olds do.

      So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!

    2. Yes, I did, and thanks for the congrats!! I forgot to mention that in my previous reply to your comment, up above...