Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Heal My Heart, Lord by Emilie Barnes

Synopsis: Brimming with optimism and trust, Heal My Heart, Lord pours out a message of hope and assures women they can bring their needs to God and He will provide. Bestselling author Emilie Barnes leads women to quietness and peace through heartwarming chapters that focus on God’s remedies for difficult situations and offer words of encouragement to everyone facing difficult times.

This uplifting collection of compassionate meditations offers the gentle reminder that it is precisely during times when “the valley of the shadow” seems too long to endure that we come to know the abundant reality of God’s presence.

A treasured addition to any woman’s library or a thoughtful gift to a friend seeking to trust God and rest in His embrace.

My thoughts: A friend of mine let me borrow this after my heart was broken a few months ago by the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I was betrayed. I was very angry and hurt. This book was given to me so that I could let go of my hurt and begin to heal. In fact, I actually read the whole book and enjoyed it! Why is that surprising? Well, I am not a big fan of Christian books. I don't like reading things that are too preachy or too pushy or closed-minded. Though this book had some of these things, they weren't enough to make me stop reading it. Emilie Barnes actually gave some good advice.

I really enjoyed the chapter on forgiveness. It opened up my eyes to many things. For example, it's okay not to let go of things completely but it's not okay to let these things hinder us from growing. Also, we sometimes need to be forgiven and it's not easy. One of my favorite quotes was, "If you've asked the Lord for forgiveness, he has forgiven you. So maybe what you need now is not forgiveness, but the grace to live with the consequences of your actions."

Now, towards the last half of the book became too preachy for me. The author also showed how closed-minded she was when it came to her daughter's divorce. These two factors didn't let me enjoy the ending as much. Other than that, I did like the book.  I give it:


  1. Hmm sounds good. I do sometimes like books like this, especially at just the right time.
    I'll have to look this one up.

    1. Hmmm for some reason I didn't get to read the rest of your review till after I commented.
      Well thats too bad that had to happen to you! It happens to the best of us, well actually to the most of us! My daughter just went through a few rough months over the summer after a bad break-up and now she is with the "Man of her dreams" so it can happen to you too!
      Just repeat this motto - "Men are scum!" it'll make you feel better!

      My prayers are with you for a healing heart!

    2. Hahaha! I love that motto! Thanks for the prayers :)