Sunday, December 16, 2012

Know Me Better 1

This is a weekly meme hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. This is the first time I participate.

Holiday Edition!
Red or Green?
Both! I do tend to wear more red during the holidays but I also love the color green. I look good in both colors, which is why I like both of them :)

Favorite Christmas Carol?
Hmmm...I like many Christmas songs but my favorite is a song in Spanish called Los peces en el rio, especially sung by the group called Pandora.

English translation:
The Fish in the River
The Virgin is combing her hair
between the curtains.
Her hairs are of gold
and the comb of fine silver.

But look at how the fishes
in the river drink.
But look how they drink
in order to see God born.
They drink and they drink
and they return to drink,
the fishes in the river,
to see God being born.

The Virgin washes diapers
and hangs them on the rosemary,
the birdies singing
and the rosemary flowering.


The virgin is washing herself
with a little bit of soap.
Her hands have been irritated,
the hands of my heart.


What do you want for Christmas?
I want a new car, lol, but I will settle for a Nook or Kindle.

Favorite Holiday Treat?
My mom's tamales!!! The cheese ones are my favorite followed by the meat ones.

Favorite Holiday Tradition?
The family getting together on Christmas morning to open presents, eat tamales and menudo, tell each other jokes and stories, and watching a holiday movie. This year's holiday movie will be Les Miserables ^-^

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  1. Oh I love Tamales... just had them for the 1st time recently. Yummy!

  2. I would love a new car for Christmas but yeah not gonna happen lol so I'd be happy with the usual, books and money! I love cheese tamales!

  3. Hahaha glad to see you caved and asked for an e-reader.
    A little cheaper than a car!

    1. Maybe I should start a fund for my car. My car is barely surviving. Just a few days ago, it died on me on the freeway. Luckily someone up there was watching me because nothing bad happened.