Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

Synopsis: When real estate mogul James Kier is mistaken for another by the same name, he learns firsthand what the world really things of him, and decides to change his future.

My thoughts: This was a twist of the timeless story, A Christmas Carol. It is an easy read and it was hard to put down. The Christmas List is also an inspirational story.

James Kier is a very powerful and rich real estate mongul who does not care about anybody other than himself. He has hurt many people including the people he loves the most. He soon has a change of heart when he sees his obituary and the cruel comments made by people about him. Like Scrooge, James has a change of heart and rediscovers who he really is and what realizes what's really important in life.

Richard Paul Evans' books are usually cheesy but cute and heartwarming at the same time. He is good at writing Christmas stories that inspire us to do better in our lives. With James' story, we come to learn that we should not take our love ones for granted and that money is not always everything.

In all, I enjoyed this book. It was clear cut and to the point, though I would have liked more plot and character development, but it did had me sighing and shedding a few tears at the end.  I give it:


  1. I liked your review!
    Yes is was cheesy and unrealistic but it was a Christmas story, isn't that what we want in a Christmas story? If is was realistic it would be boring, if it had less cheese it would be sad or depressing sooo -
    "Richard Paul Evans' books are usually cheesy but cute and heartwarming at the same time." - well said!